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1. "infinite mile's publishing operations ending: a call to re-imagine the public in and out of art". ∞ mile. letters: 5 January 2017.,_a_call_to_re-imagine_the_public_in_and_out_of_art.html
1. “2015 Art & Gentrification Series Conclusion + 2016 Art & Race Series Introduction”.   Co-written with Wihad Al-Tawil, Aaron Foley, Ryan Harte, Rebekah Modrak and Jennifer Junkermeier. ∞ mile.  Issue 24: January 2016.
1. “remembering how to forget in Oren Goldenberg’s A Requiem for Douglass, 2015: a contra-developmental move called dissemination”.  ∞ mile.  Issue 18: June 2015.,_2015.html
2. “an art about place: global capital’s humanitarian regime in Corine Vermeulen’s Photographs from the Detroit Walk-In Portrait Studio (2009-2014)”.  ∞ mile.  Issue 13: January 2015.
3. “Art & Gentrification Series Introduction: January - June 2015”.  Co-written with Ryan Harte, Jennifer Junkermeier and Nick Tobier. ∞ mile.  Issue 13: January 2015.
1. “the temporary grounds of politics: a review of Jacques Rancière’s Aisthesis: Scenes from the Aesthetic Regime of Art”.  ∞ mile.  Issue 10: October 2014.,_a_review
2. "representations of art and the state in Southwest Detroit: an interview with Stephanie Chang, candidate for State Representative in Michigan House District 6". ∞ mile. Issue 09: September 2014.
3. "tying a green ribbon around grit: an interview with Craig L. Wilkins". ∞ mile.  Issue 08: July/August 2014.
4. “Will the Real Donelle Woolford Please Stand-up?  a Compilation of Contributions by Greg Baise, stephen garrett dewyer, Jennifer Junkermeier, Osman Khan and Joe Scanlan.”  Edited by stephen garrett dewyer, Jennifer Junkermeier and Osman Khan.  ∞ mile.  Issue 05: April 2014.
5. “the Heidelberg Project as a performance.”  ∞ mile.  Issue 02: January 2014.
1. “subtly shifting the environment with tattered domesticity: a review of Christopher Samuels at North End Studios.”  ∞ mile. Issue 01: December 2013.
2. “hidden desires that parody daily failures at communication: a review of Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams: works in progress from Jessica Frelinghuysen at Cave Gallery.”  ∞ mile. Issue 01: December 2013.
3. “why a journal of art + culture(s) in Detroit?”  ∞ mile. Issue 01: December 2013.,_stephen_garrett_dewyer.html
4. "performing site: situating the non-site in site". 16 March 2013
5. "furniture in art". 27 February 2013
6. "the weather as architecture and vice versa". 23 February 2013
7. "politics of the Bauhaus and Soviet Constructivism". 12 February 2013
1. "indirectly countering dominant narratives about (Metro) Detroit
Ashley Cook’s Friendly at Cave, Design 99 and Wiley McDowell’s The Talking Fence & Illuminated Garage at 15378 Lamphere Street, Max Schulze’s Radar R2120 at Popps Packing Storefront and Vince Troia’s Air Freshener at Popps Packing"
1. "Tracing the dissemination of images of imperialism(s) in the works of Nanna Debois Buhl, the Raqs Media Collective and Teresa Margolles"
1. "September review of art in New Haven, Connecticut by Stephen Garrett Dewyer." BmoreArt. Edited by Cara Ober. Baltimore, MD. 5 October 2009.
2. "Cultural Difference in Contemporary Art: Countering Cultural Imperialism." BmoreArt. Edited by Cara Ober. Baltimore, MD. 14 August 2009.
3. “Propositions: a Placeless Space.”  Propositions. Edited and with an introduction by stephen dewyer. Baltimore, MD: Ingrid Burrington and Carey Chiaia. 2009: pp. 4 -18.
1. "Tracing the United States' Central Intelligence Agency's black sites"
2. "The difference between determinate and indeterminate bodies: the performances of Zhang Huan and images from CIA black sites"
3. "Cynicism in Honoré-Victorin Daumier’s caricatures of Nineteenth Century Paris"
4. "Arte Povera and Italian Autonomia: presenting the laborer"
5. "Borders between capital and Its other: the photographs of Sophie Ristelhueber"

"Counter interpellation: Mounir Fatmi and the disorientation of authoritarian identities"