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revolving door, 2010, projects video of not knowing what is known, 2010, onto not knowing what is known using a mirror and a projector. The video loops, causing one side of not knowing what is known to disappear into its opposite side according to one minute intervals. Video of each side bleeds onto both sides of the white cotton fabric sheet that hangs between two segments of a ladder.

The projection of not knowing what is known in revolving door gives the appearance that the hanging cotton fabric sheets revolves 180 degrees.

revolving door attempts to show the intersection of time and movement. The interval between each projection causes the encountering of space from a different position. The (dis)position of the spectator becomes contingent on the interval between the (im)mobility of a subject on the threshhold between one side and its opposite side.

revolving door, 2010

dimensions variable

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revolving door
revolving door