rail rail rail rail
rail, 2013

A video of a subway car stopping/starting at stations along a loop around the SculptureCenter is projected onto the ground near a pole in the courtyard.  A turnstile moves with a clear plexiglass sheet, acting as a dial that moves with the wind.  The turnstile attaches to the upper end of the pole.  A video camera and projector hang from opposite ends of the turnstile.  The projector plays a live-stream video from the camera of the ground.  As the turnstile rotates, the projection of the subway car enters/exits the frame.

rail turns the turnstile into a rail and vice versa in an attempt to make perceptible the non-linear qualities of railway while using the turnstile in contradistinction to its use as a barrier.  The video of the subway stopping/starting in a loop also attempts to make apparent the intervals between travels.
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