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to walk through a doorway while turning a corner, 2010
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One doorway bleeds into another only always already tangentially in to walk through a doorway while turning a corner, 2010.

In a text called '1994: Will Postcolonialism Travel', Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak writes:

[I]t is the exceptions, the counter-examples, the strategically excluded narratives that will disrupt the dominant, this time the postcolonial, story.  We may perhaps be able to glimpse, then, without nervousness, that postcoloniality is not a euphoric claim tied to multi-culturalism for “the Third World” in the First World.  It is a warning, a reckoning, a responsibility that reminds us that the future is not here when some of us enter the civil society of an exploitative state and load its cultural self-representation with references to our own.  The future is always around the corner, a site of negotiations, a message for the metropolitan diaspora, my initial questioner (Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorty, Other Asias, Blackwell Publishing: Australia, London and Massachusetts, 2007, p. 118).

to walk through a doorway while turning a corner makes sensible the impossibility of moving from one side to another side without also moving from one periphery to another periphery.

In to walk through a doorway while turning a corner, video of double doors collected from walking along Park, Chapel, Church and Elm streets in New Haven, CT project onto both sides of a doorway in the middle of the Orange gallery in 36 Edgewood Avenue (the arrival/departure point). Each video was taken from across the street and lasts for a minute. The walk lasted until the end of the memory capacity in a high definition video camera.  

Video collected from the right side of the street projects onto the backside of video collected from the left side of the street. (A) v/Video camera(s) placed in front of (and back of) this doorway stream video into (a) projector(s) projecting tangentially onto (a) peripheral doorway(s). White stretch-cotton fabric hangs along the interior of both doorways with slits running down the middle.

I would like to thank the Yale School of Art Digital Technology Office for their help with the equipment; John Pilson’s Video Performance Art Workshop for a forum for sharing video; members of the Sculpture Department for their interesting work and frequent conversations; and the Yale School of Art for providing the gallery space.

to walk through a doorway while turning a corner

to walk through a doorway while turning a corner

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